Thinking about Fromm and Marxism

Fromm actually began his attempt to unite Marxian class analysis with psychoanalysis in a critique of the criminal justice system, rather than in the study of fascism as such.

Fromm’s most important contributions to Marxism came after World War II, when he championed a specifically Marxist humanist standpoint in the public sphere in the U.S.  As the radical psychologist Joel Kovel aptly notes, Fromm’s move away from orthodox Freudianism led to “the introduction of Marx’s humanism — the humanism of the 1844 Manuscripts — in place of Freudian instinct theory,” something that “distinguishes him from the other psychoanalytic Marxists of the time“. In Beyond the Chains of Illusion: My Encounter with Marx and Freud, Fromm acknowledged publicly that Marx was for him the more important of the two thinkers.



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