The contemporary relevance of Wittgenstein: Reflections and directions

…  we discuss the development of Wittgenstein’s thought, distinguish what we take to be well-travelled versus less well-travelled aspects of his philosophy of psychological phenomena and summarize the diverse contributions to this collection. In order to do so, we briefly discuss the extent to which his writings themselves can properly serve as a basis for psychological theory and method. We hope by reviewing some well-known and less well-known aspects of Wittgenstein’s philosophy of psychology we helped to contextualize these different contributions. We believe that … will contribute to the understanding of language, cognition, memory, consciousness, word learning, gesture, social and emotional understanding, psychological measurement, and the extent to which hinges and grammars might be jointly implicated in psychological inquiry. Our hope is that readers will explore the relevance of the work that Wittgenstein begun to their own particular areas of expertise.


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