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How the Enlightenment sold us a twisted view of Human Nature

Why the historian David Wootton thinks we should question our assumptions about human psychology. A new book by David Wootton, a British historian of ideas, argues that the second interpretation has prevailed in the West and that it has permeated every … Continue reading

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On the Influence of Cultural Marxism

A specter is haunting the imaginations of many in the modern West—the specter of cultural Marxism. Its influence, the suspicious say (and the suspicious range from the moderately conservative to the screamingly extreme alt-right), is evident in everything from gender-neutral … Continue reading

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Aristotle way: How Ancient Wisdom Can Change Your Life

Hall’s new book clears a rare middle way for her reader to pursue happiness, what the ancient Greeks called eudaimonia, usually translated as well-being or prosperity. This prosperity has nothing to do with the modern obsession with material success but … Continue reading

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