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Habermas and the Fate of Democracy

Jürgen Habermas’s career, with its prodigious philosophy and social theory now translated into forty different languages, can be interpreted primarily as an effort to make intellectual sense of democracy and its untapped possibilities. But the Habermas who emerges in the … Continue reading

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Decadence of Industrial Democracies

Bernard Stiegler is one of the most original philosophers writing today about new technologies and their implications for social, political and personal life. Drawing on sources ranging from Plato and Marx to Freud, Heidegger and Derrida, he develops a highly … Continue reading

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Radical Democracy: Politics between Abundance and Lack

Radical democracy brings together original contributions from established and emerging scholars. The contributors discuss the theoretical and practical implications of the two dominant  approaches to radical democracy: theories of abundance inspired by Gilles Deleuze and theories of lack inspired by … Continue reading

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On Weber’s and Habermas’ Democratic Theories: A Reconstruction and Comparison

While the meaning and possibility in modern times of democracy has been a central concern for Weber and Habermas, and both thinkers’ political theories have been the subject of several inquiries, there is a lack of comparative investigations on this … Continue reading

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Communication, Modernity and Democracy in Habermas and Dewey

Alone among Frankfurt School critical theorists,  Habermas has critically appropriated pragmatist motifs. Although the Habermas-Dewey connection has been generally neglected,  significant similarities as well as important differences appear in their work. Both theorists share, with Aristotle, Mead, Gadamer, and other … Continue reading

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