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Dialectics and difference: against Harvey’s dialectical ‘post-Marxism’

David Harvey’s recent book, Justice, nature and the geography of difference (JNGD), engages with a central philosophical debate that continues to dominate human geography:  the tension between the radical Marxist project of recent decades and the apparently disempowering relativism and … Continue reading

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Contrasting Piagetian versus Vygotskian Activity Theories of Learning and Development to Expand Constructivism within a Dialectical View of History

This paper contrasts the notions of learning, teaching and development as these are conceptualized in two versions of constructivism: the socio-interactional one (in which Piagetian and Vygotskian insights are often merged) versus the one founded by Vygotsky and expanded in … Continue reading

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The Self-Organisation of Politics, Power and the Nation State

Society is self-organizing or re-creative in the sense that new emergent structures result from interactions of actors, these structures enable and constrain actions and stimulate further practices. Political self-organization is a reflexive process where political agents coordinate their actions in … Continue reading

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