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Globalization and Contestation: A Polanyian Problematic

The Polanyian problematic presents us with a unified, complex, and dialectical means to interpret globalization and its social contestation by diverse social and political forces. For Karl Polanyi, globalization as we know it would probably be conceived of as an … Continue reading

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“A globalização é uma uma nova forma de colonização, uma sinfonia de ilusões”

Autor de estudos sobre o modo como as percepções de tempo e espaço se alteraram no mundo contemporâneo, o antropólogo francês Marc Augé reflete sobre essas mudanças em uma entrevista especial. “A distância entre ricos e pobres é cada vez … Continue reading

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Globalization, the knowledge society, and the Network State: Poulantzas at the millennium

In State, Power, Socialism, Nicos Poulantzas conceptualized a state that materializes and concentrates power and displaces the class struggle from the economic to the political arena. In the past twenty years, much has changed. We argue that economic relations have … Continue reading

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Pierre Bourdieu and Worldwide Higher Education

This paper maps the global dimension of higher education and associated research, including the differentiation of national systems and institutions, while reflecting critically on theoretical tools for working this terrain. Arguably the most sustained theorisation of higher education is by … Continue reading

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Neoliberalism and Hegemony in the New Millennium

Gramsci wrote “that the modern prince, the myth-prince cannot be a real person, a concrete individual. It can only be an organism, a complex element of society in which a collective will, which has already been recognized and has to … Continue reading

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