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Using Foucault’s Methods

As is obvious from even a glance at the catalogue of any academic publisher, much recent research has been conducted in the shadow of Foucault. While researchers in this emerging tradition make use of some standard qualitative methods in the … Continue reading

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Bakhtin on Teaching Style

Bakhtin claims that students must learn to write lively prose, but they will not until teachers have a grammar of style that links syntax to stylistic qualities such as “lively” and “creative.” It is, however, unlikely that such a grammar … Continue reading

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Method and its Culture – An Historical Approach

“Imposing an alleged uniform general method upon everybody breeds mediocrity” – Dewey. In the above quote, John Dewey, like others such as his contemporary A.N. Whitehead, worries about imposing a uniform general method––much akin to what educators do in “methods … Continue reading

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