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After Bourdieu: Influence, Critique, Elaboration

This collection of papers devoted to the recognition of the importance of Pierre Bourdieu assiduously avoids both extremes: devotion to or profanation of a “sacred” work. Rather, it charts a course that may frustrate disciples and polemicists alike. It offers … Continue reading

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Public sociology vs. the market

Building on Karl Polanyi’s theory of a societal reaction to the unregulated exchange of what he called fictitious commodities — labour, money and land — this paper links the history of sociology to the history of the market. If the … Continue reading

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Rethinking C. Wright Mills

C. Wright Mills remains a model for those who wish to become intellectuals: by the evidence of his massive output in the twenty-three years of publications he was the antithesis of the  specialist or the expert. When most in the … Continue reading

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Another Side of C.Wright Mills: The Theory of Mass Society

What makes The Power Elite most relevant today, and much more than an analysis of the institutional structure of America in the late 1950’s, is that C. Wright Mills’s thesis relies upon a compelling description of the social structure in … Continue reading

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Toward a Sociology of the Network Society

The twenty-first century of the Common Era did not necessarily have to usher in a new society. But it did.  People around the world feel the winds of multidimensional social change without truly understanding it,  let alone feeling a grasp … Continue reading

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The Sociology of Pierre Bourdieu and Researching Education Policy

Bourdieu did not write anything explicitly about education policy. Despite this neglect, we agree with van Zanten that his theoretical concepts and methodological approaches can contribute to researching and understanding education policy in the context of globalisation and the economising … Continue reading

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Sociology is a Martial Art

In a series of videos on YouTube, the sociologist Pierre Bourdieu explains his interest in sociology and how his curiosity was piqued as a researcher  not so much by how things change, but why things stay the same.

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